Monday, 25 May 2015

Now that's what I call progress

It's half term this week and time to catch up on the paperwork which I have to say is not my strongest area.  Why be in the office during the school day when I can be talking to our learners and sharing excellent practice with all our staff?

We have three visits a year from our regional consortia, who feedback on school improvement to the local authority.  Our visit 3, focused on leadership and management is next week,  there's not a lot of paperwork expected to be fair, just updates on progress but as I'm not great at keeping everything up to date,.....I'm sure you get the picture.

I have to say in my 20 odd years in this profession I have never seen such massive progress in one year.  The year started off cautiously with Visible Learning, we didn't want to rush off and get started without thinking things through carefully and it was really after Christmas and Teacher Day 1 that the magic really began to happen.

We have been greatly helped along the way by our little growing network but particularly at first by Simon at Bader who I had great advice on at the beginning and Michelle at Pembroke Dock who has the most amazing school.  I hope I've been as useful to them as they have to me!!

So, reviewing our school self evaluation and measuring the success of this years improvement plans has been fine.  All good.  
Next years plans are drafted to go to governors.  Four areas to be improved
The visible learner
Inspired and passionate teaching
Know thy impact

In other news, our school works with the Save the Children in facilitating the FAST programme, Families and Schools Together which strengthens the links between home and school, reduces social isolation and strengthens family bonds.  It's a fantastic programme which has benefitted our learners in unmeasurable ways.

Our school, along with Flintshire Family First project have been shortlisted in the national Social Care Accolades on June 18th.  We're off to Cardiff for the day, we are down to the final 3 out of 200 submissions.  Fingers crossed for that but even as finalists, it's fantastic this work gets recognised rather than on attainment at the end of key stages for a change!!

Anyway, this paperwork won't do itself..happy holidays 

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