Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Effect sizes

We've been talking a lot in school about Effect Sizes.  Not how we work them out, it's a bit further down the road for us, but John Hattie's and what they mean.

I had a meeting today with Flintshire's parenting coordinator about a possible pot of money to enable nursery to stay all day (as seen at the wonderful Pembroke Dock)
The idea would be to provide intensive speech and language work in order that our little uns get the best start.  It got me to thinking about our current nursery provision. 
In two and a half hours they have to have a healthy snack and brush their teeth.  I wonder how much learning time this actually takes up!

Anyway, our LA have invested in Peeps communication programme and are looking to pilot it in a nursery provision


All looking good.  I was explaining effect size and how so many of the top effect sizes were met through this programme

1. Student expectations- you're in school all day, this is really important, I expect you to make progress through the Peeps programme
2. Teacher credibility- experienced early years practitioners in place
3. Phonics
4. Early intervention
5. Vocabulary programmes

It's like a box of deluxe Thorntons chocolates, at least five good effect sizes wrapped up in a big bow

This alongside building their learning capacity will have brilliant impact

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