Friday, 8 May 2015

Effect size part two

I had a meeting this week with a colleague from our local authority.  She was impressed with our Visible Learning journey so far and I was explaining effect size as our guide to the changes we are making.

It got me to thinking about how we relate to parents, visitors etc the research behind what we are doing

In our school we have a wonderful mum who volunteers in the infants.  She is so creative and enthusiastic and she was given the task to make an Effect Size tree in our reception area.  If you're new to Visible Learning, you'll find out that we kind of like trees as a theme for displays!! I used the effect sizes that are easily understood and relatable to what we are doing in school

This is now in our reception, we are all delighted with how it looks and the messages it conveys.  I just need a little more explanation of what effect sizes mean but wanted to share this wonderful creation

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