Monday, 13 April 2015

Taking stock..VLAT Day 2

Today all the staff went to Maes Y Mynydd in Wrexham to undertake teacher day 2.  
The first part of the day was spent with the teachers and learning support assistants feeding back on their first impact cycle.
It was brilliant to hear all the great work that had been done in the first three months of the year.  

On reflection the Visible Learning at the four schools was making a huge impact already on the lives and futures of over 1000 pupils...amazing!

Mind frames came next, there are nine that we are working on.  We need now to make a decision on how we assess mind frames and develop them.

I am very lucky that all the staff at Ysgol Merllyn are inspired (and inspirational) and passionate about learning.  They were so ready to embark on this journey.  It will be interesting to judge whether our learners think we're inspired and passionate too!

Our plans for this week include myself and three teachers travelling to Pembroke Dock for a VLUKNetwork meeting with schools from England and Scotland joining us to continue collaborating and sharing excited

And finally, if this wasn't enough excitement, I've just scored two tickets for an audience with John Hattie and Peter Hill next Tuesday in London.

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