Friday, 10 April 2015

Friends in high places...get me!

Spent the first week of the Easter break reading this book

Recommended by Craig Parkinson, our Visible Learning trainer.
I was very taken by the structure of school improvement and how you set aspirations and set targets and trajectories.  Then having the Guiding Coalition.  I asked Craig if he knew any schools we could collaborate with who have used this model.  Craig said why don't you ask Sir Michael Barber himself through his Twitter account.  Which I did and he responded...twice!

Also I have spoken to Incerts who design our templates for our end of school reports.  We had taken feedback from our parent focus group and they have now changed to include Visible Learning statements.  The draft will go back to the parents next week for their approval before we roll them out in the summer 

We are also planning a Visible Learning day in school but I want the Learning Club to lead that.  More updates as the day is planned.

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