Saturday, 18 April 2015

Strategic planning is like a game and now we are on the next level 😉

The masterplan

With Visible Learning implementation, you are often in the 'Pit' 
What do we focus on? How shall we start? What are our priorities? 
We sent off for our VL survey to New Zealand and it came back (see above) I ironically put First Attempt as a nod to the fantastic work we saw at Pembroke Dock earlier in the week. 
At SLT yesterday, we decided to go through each strand and discuss it further.  We could see where things could be sorted quickly, the areas that were in place and what needed more time and energy 
Our three year aspiration is for all areas to be blue, no rush, using the processes that have been designed by Visible Learning.  However, not too slow that the learners are ahead of these processes.
As mentioned in a previous blog, we are using the work of Sir Michael Barber to design our plan.  I will post that when its finalised.
So we decided that each member of SLT will become a delivery team leader, one. team to develop Inspired and Passionate Teachers, one for Feedback and one for Know Thy Impact.  I'll do the strategic planning, staff meetings, appraisals.  
Each team will have time (team time!) to work on their own areas and gather evidence over the next two years then a year to reflect and embed.  We will also have a Guiding Coalition, a group of people associated with the school for the team leaders to report back to.  Our GC hopefully will consist of parents, governors, community and high school teachers.  They will meet, I think, every 10-12 weeks but that needs sorting.
Our next step now is to finalise the plan, carry out our next impact cycle and continue strengthening our Visible Learners

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