Saturday, 28 March 2015

Parents...they complete the jigsaw

At school we have done two cycles of Families and School Together, funded by Save the Children.

This has resulted in great relationships with our families.

Out Fastworks group were also given a baseline assessment with similar results from the children.  So developing parents knowledge of Visible Learning became a priority.

At parents evening, some classes gave out the learning dispositions in a handy booklet and all parents received a leaflet showing where their children were in their reading, their next steps and how they could help.

The feedback was 100% positive.  The parents appreciated the focus on learning and which dispositions their children had.  It made a refreshing change to focus parents' evening on learning.  

We are planning to have a Visible Learning day in June, organised and delivered by the Learning Club to further improve links with our parents and community 

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