Saturday, 28 March 2015

And so it begins

Baseline evidence was bitter sweet. The children really lacked understanding of where they were in their learning and their next steps.
We had previously judged excellent by Estyn for Assessment for Learning but what do they know?

The answers some of the children gave were hilarious.  What makes a good learner? Someone who eats healthily, someone who wears glasses

So we started with really focusing on learner dispositions and explicitly teaching them.

We also had a Learner Focus Group, two pupils from each class.  I met with them to discuss learning and their role in helping drive learner dispositions.  They renamed themselves the Learning Club.   More about them later

Teachers also had a personal target which formed their impact cycle.  We set up impact partners but success was limited due to time restraints.
But like good learners, mistakes we made with impact partners meant we learned something.

We had a few areas we could work on quickly.  Displays in the corridor were changed, stickers were bought

And the magic began....

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