Saturday, 28 March 2015

Into the pit we go....

After training in January, we became somewhat overwhelmed by where to start

Learner dispositions?
Success criteria?
Progress matrices?

I could go on.  But like a good learner, I used my own dispositions to help us get out the pit! I phoned a friend
I sought the wisdom of Simon Feasey, head of the inspirational Bader Primary in the north east.

They are about six months ahead of us in their journey so wanted to know what they had learned so far.

We decided on a three pronged approach, which without realising looks like a school appraisal plan, although everyone knew there was absolutely no accountability to the approach.  Now there's a thought, performance management without accountability, it may catch on!

So we went for whole school explicit teaching of learning dispositions and learning environment to support.  Each teacher then had their own development plan that was their impact cycle and we did short activities for areas we could quickly change.

And so from January 2015 we were off

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