Monday, 26 September 2016

What shall we do about behaviour?

I attended Chester university last week to work in collaboration on designing the BA QTS year 1 programme
The lecturers were fantastic, knew their effect sizes and research and were determined not to send out 'compliant' trainees

We got into the tricky area of behaviour management
The students are required, on their first day to collect the behaviour policy

'Why?' I asked 


'Well", said another member of the group (not Chester uni staff to be clear) "these children have to know the rules and if they break the rules, what the consequences are"

She then turned to me and said "and it's obvious by your face that you disagree!"

People who know me either in real life of virtually know I'm a bit obsessed with education, and particularly about research, evidence, impact and really making sure we are working with our learners and families to ensure success, whatever success looks like to them
This has led me to reading tonnes of stuff on Twitter. I did a quick trawl yesterday of school websites, particularly looking at trips (very much influenced by the fantastic trip to Poland by the wonderful Bader Primary)
It was so interesting that in nearly all schools, the first thing that was commented on was behaviour
Eg, class 1 had a great time at the zoo and were all so well behaved
Class 3 were very well behaved on the trip to the museum
Year 6 were very well behaved for our visitors today

When did we become so obsessed with producing 'well behaved' pupils?

At Ysgol Merllyn, we actively encourage challenge, debate, philosophical thinking, self regulation, self efficacy, independence, feistiness..., I could go on

We encourage spirit not crush it!

What are we doing to our kids? 

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  1. Could not agree more Tracey - we have three values at Newmarket School - kindness, respect, perseverance (no rules needed!.